Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"Life".....An abstract by Manisha Vedpathak

Acrylic on canvas, 19.6"x19.6"
This morning I heard this line in one of the TV soaps. 
"Life is a journey...full of surprises" .
I am sure everybody will agree with this.
My painting also depicts Life. There are circles and there
are crossroads outside the circles. Every person goes through
this in life. There are crossroads ...some colorful, some black,
some hazy. There are many moments when you feel your life
is complete just like circles.
There is a mystery about the pearl string at the bottom of the painting.
The thing is ...A few months ago, I had started a painting which
had  this pearl string painted. Unfortunately I don't have the image
to show since I didn't like what I was creating. In the process while
reworking this canvas, I decided to keep the pearl string untouched.
 It does suit the painting. And I feel it also adds meaning to the painting.
According to me it depicts the happiest moment in the Life.
What is your opinion?

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