Monday, March 12, 2012


The background of this canvas was actually
painted by my daughter.It was just lying in
her  room so I decided to work on it.

I have always loved to see these African
ladies carrying babies on their back while
they are working.
I believe motherhood is the precious gift that
 a woman has got .Both of my art pieces are
based on motherhood. I have also tried to use
 watermark for one work.

Motherhood I
Acrylic on canvas,40*50 cms

Motherhood II
Acrylic on canvas,30*60 cms

I would love to read comments 
from my blog readers about
these two pieces.


  1. Hi Manisha. You work so well with colour. Your first painting makes me think of an young, energetic new mom ready to face the world with the joy of new birth. The second painting reminds me of a more experienced mom, maybe her second or third child, facing the world with less energy and more wisdom. They are both beautiful.

  2. Hi Carole......thanks...I am so pleased to read your interpretation of the painting.After I read your comments,I looked at the paintings again and thought how true it is. Thank you!

  3. That is so intense. Manisha, Your paintings are just a 'construction' of talent and feelings, and conveyed different sensibilities.

  4. Hello Manisha,
    very beautiful painting and colors!
    A hug

  5. Two great how you painted the figures without features, and I love the colors, specially in the first one, so bold, very lovely!

  6. Thanks Mukesh,Antonio and Jane for your precious comments.