Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Portrait practice....by Manisha Vedpathak

Time for portrait practice. I love doing portraits in pastels. I think I will try some more of these Sadhu portraits.  

Monday, November 20, 2017

" Introvert mode" ....by Manisha Vedpathak

"Introvert mode" 
Acrylic on canvas, 80x80 cms

This is the fourth painting in the new series and its about the people who are introverts. These are the people who like to be alone , won't give access to their hearts. In our society , people who are extroverts gain more attention regardless of whether they deserve it or not . The louder they are ,the more confident they appear.
Introverts like to be alone. They need time alone to replenish energy. And I think we should respect their privacy. Being an Introvert in an Extrovert world is challenging.

So this word, Introvert, has gained real popularity . Here I share a blog post on being an Introvert, written by my daughter.

"There are introverts and there are extroverts. Introverts often accuse extroverts of ruining things for them. If there were no extroverts, introverts would not stand out as anti social. 

Be it an introvert or an extrovert, a person usually has at least one aspect of life which is only his/hers. One doesn't feel the need to show the people around him/her this part. It belongs solely to the person and brings utmost solace. One needs no one else when thinking/doing/existing with this one thing.

It could be anything, poetry, travel, reading, alcohol, smoking anything! For me, its this blog which no one close to me knows about. I do share this with the world but I don't know who reads this or who likes it. I just enjoy posting here".

 I am not an antisocial person but I do take a step back when it comes to socialize in a crowd of unknown people or at least make sure that I know at least one person very well and stick to that person. So Am I an Introvert? I am not sure , may be I fall in the category of what is popularly known as Ambiverts which is in between Introvert and Extrovert.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Perspectives on "Le Temps".....by Manisha Vedpathak

As I have done with previous paintings , this time too
I have some perspectives on the painting " Le Temps"
from friends and family.

--Madhavi Apte

एक सुंदर  मुलगी  आपले  बालपण जाऊन  तारुण्यात पदार्पण  करण्याची वाट पाहतेय.तिच्या बालसुलभ चेह-यावर तिच्या  डोळ्यांत  ती उत्सुकता  जाणवतेय.भविष्यात काय घडणार कसलीच कल्पना  नाही.पण  रंगाची  उधळण तेवढी  मोह घालतेय.पण  त्याचबरोबर बालपणातील काही आंबट गोड आठवणीपण ओंजळीत साठवण्याचा प्रयत्न  करतेय . पुढे झेप  घेण्याची ,डोकावून  पाहण्याची इच्छा  आहे पण  पाय  जागेवरच अडखळताहेत.म्हणून  काल्पनिक  रंगात  न्हाण्याचा आनंद  घेतेय.
--Kamal Potdar

At every moment go on doing the duties expected with more and more completeness and with the aim of fulfillment. The burden expectations will be enforced on your shoulders. Thase are the times when Master tests us. But do not hesitate and move away from the goal go ahead. Surrender yourself to that moment.
-- Arundhati Potdar
"The burden of expectations " is the title suggested by my sis-in-law Arundhati Potdar
I would really love and appreciate if readers can chip in with their perspectives on my painting.
Thank you and enjoy!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

"Le Temps".....An abstract by Manisha Vedpathak

"Le Temps"
Acrylic on canvas, 31"X 31"
Available, contact 

Hands cannot hold the dreams slipping.
If your hands are careless you cannot stop the
 golden sand slipping from your hands.

Those long hours of night...
 thinking about the time that passed by...
some was slipped but some I got hold of....
some golden moments ,some scary ,some bitter...
the ins and outs of everyday,the places we visited...
the ones whom I took for granted, the ones who took me for granted....
the golden opportunities ,some I grabbed ,some slipped by....

Life really passes by fast. Looking back I realize that we never really notice that time was actually slow but we were running fast...there is a need to appreciate the time before it slips from hands in various forms . Need to notice time's real identity. 
I started my art career very late in life and now, as the days pass, by I keep asking myself how can I get hold of time and not allow it to slip from my hands.....
My younger daughter is graduating from high school this year and she is applying for universities outside India . This is the same phase I experienced when my older daughter came to India for higher studies. Now once again the mother inside me ,want to stop the time. I don't want the time to pass. Our heart hold onto our children forever. I believe this is the motherhood journey and the ups and downs of this journey are the moments to be cherished by knowing the precious time that flies by.
Sharing a poem I read on the net:
yesterday went in a flash
today with a blink of an eye
yet tomorrow will go just the same
Wow...how quickly life passes us by

The title of the painting is the French translation of  "THE TIME".

Friday, October 27, 2017

Oh not so easy.....by Manisha Vedpathak

Started a new one. Sometimes it is frustrating that you know what you want
on the canvas , you visualize it but you don't know how.  With this painting , 
I know the theme, I also know the color combination but just not getting satisfied. 
And I know till I finish the work I won't have that peace. I believe it's the same with many artists.
 Art is not easy and so is life. Stay tuned.....

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Some perspectives on "Kathputli"......by Manisha Vedpathhak

I had posted some perspectives of my friends on the painting "Anonymity".
This time too I played the same game and got really nice views on my 
painting. Though all are in my native language, Marathi. My Indian readers
will surely enjoy. The first one is written by my Mom and the last one
 is by my Sis-in-Law and I feel very proud to share this.

एक निरागस अल्पवयीन मुलगी.कोणत्यातरी  कारणाने खूप खूश आहे.थोडे डोळे मिचकावत  सुखाचा शोध घेतीय.पण तिला वरुन घोंगावणा-या संकटाची चाहूलही लागली नाही.बिचारी.तिला वाटतय वरुन सुखाच्या  आनंदाच्या धारा वाहतायत पण तिलाकाय माहीत याच अश्रुच्या धारा आहेत.बिचारी चिमुरडीचं हा केसाळ हात  काय करील कोण जाणे.तिच कोण रक्षण करील पुढचा क्षण तिच्यासाठी कसा असेल.
---Kamal Potdar

-- Madhavi Apte

रंगरेषा जुळतात कॅनव्हासवर 
उमटलेल्या अगोदर खोल मनातून
तेजाळ, काळोख्या, शीत, उष्ण
स्वतःभोवतीच फेसाळत कुंचल्यातून... 
रंग गहिरे, 
काही ओळखीतले
काही अनोळखी
काही वादळी
तर काही मुक्त उधळणीचे...
साकारताना विनातक्रार
उजळतात नक्षत्रदिवे आठवांचे
चित्रशिल्प अलगद अवतरते
माझ्या नसानसातले... 
करुन देतेओळख माझी 
मलाच पुन्हा नव्याने... 
पाषाणात उगवणाऱ्या 
---Meera Potdar

"Kathputli" title was given by Gauri Bhagwat .

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

"Kathputli"......an abstract by Manisha Vedpathak

I have always heard people saying  that we are puppets in the hands of destiny.
Destiny or fate? Both walk hand in hand. I believe that destiny can be shaped. It is a matter of choice. It gives us freedom of choice to pick what is right and what is wrong.You need to have a closer look in your inner self.  In my case , relocating to India was in my destiny as we had choices but we chose to move back. But fate is something that is out of our control. Just for an example , our birth....where we are born ,which country we are born etc, is out of our control. Here we are merely puppets in the hands of a puppeteer. 
Since I heard this phrase from many people around me , I decided to put this on my canvas.( When it comes to writing I am not a creative person at all) . 
So here is the finished painting. The hand with the strings dangling, the mask being the symbol of all humankind who are puppets. I have tried to paint this in sync with the previous painting and so the same color combination. "Kathputli" is Hindi name for puppet. My next painting will also have the same colors and the theme will be time....getting hold of time.

Acrylic on canvas, 80x80 cms
Available: contact