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Unveiling of an Art Installation, "Pyramid of diversity" at Gyan Adab Center, Pune on 31st March,2018

Unveiling of an Art installation, "Pyramid of diversity",  at Gyan Adab Gallery, Pune on 31st March,2018

Press Release of LetArtWork gallery, Pune,India

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On Monday, April 14 in the gallery Elektra Luhačovice , accompanied by art school students Luhačovice initial and word art theorist Dr. . Radovan Langer , the opening of the exhibition of Indian artist Manish Vedpathak . 

" My main preferred mediums are acrylics and oils on canvas. Vivid characterize my work. I celebrate the fullness and vitality and life force and positive energy. Color for me is a life force . For my work inspires everything in the universe . Experimenting with various painting techniques , which do not limit me to one particular style. My paintings create positive vibes and bring the viewer the same feeling of joy that I feel when painting. I am glad that through this shared feeling that my paintings will become the door through which viewers can visit the worlds of my imagination and dreams. "Described the formation of an Indian artist , Manisha Vedpathak . 

Exotic work can be admired in the gallery Elektra from 9.00 to 17.00 am until 4 May 

Press Release of Agora Gallery

Description: Manisha Vedpathak

Manisha Vedpathak

March 26 - April 16, 2013 Description: D:\exhibition\agora\Manisha Vedpathak - Artist Page - Agora Gallery_files\dotted.gifReception: Thursday April 4, 2013 6-8 PM

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Manisha Vedpathak’s lush acrylic paintings are the product of a confluence of cultural, intellectual and emotional inspirations. Her first major tool is her palette: each canvas contains an entire spectrum of boisterous colors, piled in two-dimensional planes of equal saturation and combined to form clashing geometric motifs. To construct her knotty compositions Vedpathak uses her engineering training. The explosive colors themselves are a mixture of the earthy tones of her native India and the bold tones celebrated in her adopted land of West Africa. Vedpathak’s other distinctive artistic device is her adept blending of figural and abstract. A woman’s face, beautifully realized in a few bold curves, floats above a background of depthless pattern and untamed paint splashes. Two children playing are reduced to outlines and electrified by their multicolored background, their relationship distilled into a moment of love.
Although her style matured rapidly into the sophisticated, delightful work she creates today as her full-time occupation, Vedpathak did not begin exploring fine art until she moved to Africa in 1994. She continues to live and work in Ghana.

Press Release of Alliance Francaise, Accra , Ghana

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