Available Artworks

Art works on this page are available for sale.
For any information about the artworks
like price, shipping etc, feel free to contact

"FIFA fever", a triptych 20x20cms each
Acrylic on canvas

"Hounds of spring on winter's traces"
An acrylic on canvas,20"x20"

"Koralove more...a Czech name for Coral sea"
Acrylic on canvas, 40x40 cms

acrylic on canvas,30x60 cms

Acrylic on canvas, 74"x50"



"Verve...the energy",an acrylic on canvas,24"X31"
Acrylic on canvas

"Freedom", Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas,24"x31"

"Golden Sunset",Diptych 15"X23"
Acrylic on canvas

"Halfway",An Abstract in acrylic on canvas,35"x16"

Acrylic on canvas

Textured acrylic painting on canvas,15"X23"

"Protect your king "...the game of chess,
                                                         acrylic on canvas,27"x34"

"Concealed"|, Acrylic on canvas,31"x31"

"Game Over", Acrylic on canvas, 33"x59"

"Threshold", Acrylic on canvas, 35"x35"

Chess ....the game of Life

"His Highness, Acrylic on canvas, 7.87"x7.87"

"Her Highness",Acrylic on canvas,7.87"x7.87"

"Bishop", Acrylic on canvas,7.87"x7.87"

 "Cavalier", Acrylic on canvas,7.87"x7.87"


"Urban Expression"
Acrylic on canvas

Acrylic on canvas

"Gaze between the lines"
Acrylic on canvas

Acrylic on canvas,

"Breaking through the silence"
Acrylic on canvas,24"X36"

"Abstract faces II",35"x35",Acrylic on canvas

Acrylic on canvas,27.5"x50"

"Washing day",Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas,12"x24"

"Watchful eyes",Acrylic on canvas,39"x39"

Acrylic on canvas, 27.5"x50"

"Rhythmic flow"
Acrylic on canvas, 27.5"x50"

 Acrylic on canvas, 27.5"x50"

Abstract Ganesh III

"Lord Ganesh"
Acrylic on canvas,11"x16"

"Divine",20"x20",acrylic on canvas

"Ganesha",31"x24",acrylic on canvas

Acrylic on canvas,30*60 cms

"Vakratunda" , acrylic on canvas, 12"x18"

"Tribal Beauty I"
Acrylic on canvas,31"x31"

"Tribal Beauty II",
Acrylic on canvas,19"x32"

Did you say something....A pallette knife painting,
Acryllic on canvas,11"X23"

"Desert walk",acrylic on canvas,16"x24"

"Seascape",acrylic on canvas,20"x27"

"Macaws",acrylic on paper,A3 size

"A Portrait",Acrylic on canvas,14"x18"

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