Thursday, March 29, 2018

"I am not me , I am we".....unveiling of an art installation by Manisha Vedpathak

Since last two months I have been working on a project in collaboration 
with Gyan Adab center , Pune and the director-artist of the center Mr Randhir Khare. 
We are working on a 8 foot tall canvas pyramid on the theme of diversity.

In a divided world, the only force that can still bring people together despite differences is the harmonious power of the visual, performing and literary arts which express oneness that lies deep within us all. To celebrate this oneness ,Randhir Khare  and I, have created an eight foot tall canvas pyramid which expresses in acrylic and ink, the subliminal creative power of the world we live in. The title and spirit of the installation is inspired by the poem “This is Not My Life” by Randhir Khare which emphasizes that we are not exclusive beings but contain instead – all life. 
To show the diversity we are painting on same canvas with our unique styles 
intermingling each other's works.  My vivid colorful style with Randhir's line works and primitive forms. Here are some pics of the canvas in process...

Here is a finished piece of one  side of pyramid .... You will notice some snakes and the tree 
on the canvas. these works are by Randhir Khare , rest is painted by me.

Tomorrow evening at 6.45pm, the installation will be unveiled at a performance programme which features Maestro Milind Date on the flute, accomplished Kathak dancer Shruti…., singer song-writer Sarthak Dua, poet performer Jitendra Maid and others.

Prior to the performance there will be a workshop in which participants will be guided through painting their own model pyramids to celebrate the diversity and creative harmony in their own lives.
I invite you all to grace the evening!

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