Sunday, July 16, 2017

Artwork In Manisha Vedpathak

Came across the word "In Situ" in one of the artists blogs.
I did know about the virtual gallery but didn't know the word In Situ.
Out of curiosity searched for this word on google and found
out that in art, In Situ means a place where the artwork is
installed or exhibited. Its more of a realistic visual tool for artists.
 For eg, photograph of your art in a living room showing a portion
of the living room instead of just your artwork.
This will give a new dimension to the presentation of the artworks,
giving people the "visual" of how art fits in the environment which
will help them make art choices.

For days I was trying to find out a way to display my
Artworks in situ. I came across some very good softwares but
 none of them were free. I wanted some free online software to start with.
A few months back, I finally found one which
 you need not install and was free. It's a great app for artists.
This site is called
Here are the photos of my recent artwork in situ.


  1. thanks for input, i too was looking for some software like this. Keep posting:-) Beautiful painting, so vivid and full of vibrant colours