Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Yet another "Gye Nyame" Manisha Vedpathak

Yet another painting of Gye Nyame, the Adinkra symbol.

I have never mentioned in my earlier posts about the hostory of 
these symbols apart from their  origin. Here is the history of these symbols:
 The Adinkra symbols  were originated  in Gyaman of Cote d'Ivoire
and Akan tribe of Ghana. According to an Asante (a tribe in Ghana)
legend, Adinkra was the name of a king of the Gyaman.
Adinkra was defeated and captured in a battle by the Asantes
 for having copied the “Golden Stool” (the symbol of the Asante nation). 
He was finally killed and his territory annexed to the kingdom of 
Asante.  His adinkra robe was taken as a trophy( a patterned
 cloth, which was interpreted as a way of expressing his sorrow 
on being taken  to the capital of Asante).The Asante people
 around the 19th century then took to painting of traditional 
symbols of the Gyamans onto cloth.
 Adinkra means goodbye. Originally, the cloth was worn only by the
 royalty and spiritual leaders for mourning during funeral services.
 It can now be worn by anyone for any occasion. The symbols and their 
meanings are still used to convey a message. Approximately four hundred 
such symbols are known in Ghana. 
"Gye Nyame"
Acrylic on canvas,15.7"x15.7"

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