Thursday, February 19, 2015

Change in Manisha Vedpathak

It's been really long time since my last post on December 4th.
December month had been very hectic on physical as well as emotional ground. There was a change taking place in our life. Not that we were not expecting this change but it came early by a few years. We had taken a long pending decision of relocating to India. And I got busy coping up with this change.
Dealing with change was not an easy piece of cake for my family as we were leaving the comfort  zone which we were in for 22 years(Yes, we lived in Africa for 22years). Though initially stressed a lot as it was difficult to, eventually I started taking this change positively. No one's life is free of change and you wouldn't like it if it WAS! So I re framed the way I was looking at this change and started to give positive meaning to it.
I welcomed the change as an opportunity and started finding out benefits in it. I knew there were a lot of benefits and opportunities ,I just had to stop being negative and open up my heart as this negativity was blocking my problem solving ability.
Thus I broadened my mind and embraced the change and here I am now in India. My house is in the process of settling down as well as my mind and soul. The homemaker in me is looking after the house and the family and the artist in me is struggling to find ways to get recognition in our area as an artist. I have set up a few goals and will be working towards achieving them.
Amidst this change in December, I managed to sell a few paintings and commissioned some. One of the paintings ,"Destiny", got sold one day before I left Ghana. I had to remove it from the packing which was a big hassle as the packers had packed my paintings really well.
I now hope to post regularly hereafter.
Here are the works I commissioned ...


  1. Ik hoop dat waar je nu zit gelukkig word en nog meer mooie dingen mag maken lieve groetjes Danielle