Saturday, June 28, 2014

"Yug Yug se..." ,a contemporary acrylic painting by Manisha Vedpathak

 I travel to India every year in July for a month or two.
I don't buy any new canvases before travelling,
as I bring a 5 meter roll of canvas from India.
So a month or two before I travel is the time when
 I go through all the old paintings and leftover canvas
 to experiment.
Here is the painting I created before last Valentine.
I decided to add a few things and here is the outcome.
"Yug yug se..."
Acrylic on canvas,12"x24"
"Yug yug se ..."is a phrase in Hindi language of the
meaning "for ages". Together for ages.
I liked it but you have to judge the painting whether
I have spoiled the painting or enhanced it. I would
love to read what you feel.
So do feel free to leave the comments .


  1. Definitely enhanced the painting by bringing new life into it :-)

    1. Thank you Ruby, for stopping by my blog and for your valuable comments. I am glad to hear that I have enhanced the painting.

  2. I like the change. Having people in the painting adds a new dimension to it.
    Have a wonderful time in India. Travelling with 5 metres of canvas is a painting in itself!
    Safe travels. xo Carole

    1. Thanks Carole! As I have mentioned I always look forward for your comments. Travelling with 5 meters is not easy...I choose to pack it carefully and put into the luggage. Will keep in touch while in India. Cheers!