Sunday, March 23, 2014

"Kaleidoscopic"....An absract by Manisha Vedpathak

Acrylic on canvas,74"x50"
This is the last painting I did for the exhibition.
This is largest canvas I worked on until now and I
 thoroughly enjoyed it. It took me about a week to
 complete this piece including the time required to
 dry the color poured in the process.
This is how it started...

And here is the finished piece.
My paintings have reached. The images for the
catalog have reached. Just that there was a small
issue with the dpi of the jpeg(image) files. All the files
I sent were 72 dpi whereas they need 300 dpi in
order to get the best  printing quality for the catalog .
Though they were nice enough to compromise with the
same images, I thought of this as a good chance
to learn about resolution of image files.
So I searched for an online dpi converter and
changed all the 21 images to 300 dpi. In future, I
better check out the settings in my camera so that
I can take photos closer to 300dpi.
I believe this is one more area where I should improve
to be more organized. Well...I should have done
 this after the New York exhibition but then I got
so busy with my paintings that I didn't really bother
to look into this area.
“No matter how much experience you have, how many degrees you have, or how well known you have become — there is always something new to learn. Don’t rest on your past experiences. If you do nothing to improve your skills, you won’t stay where you are.”
Laura Spencer
I now have to create an online portfolio. Might use
to create one. They have some cool templates which I liked.
I believe ,with the usage of vivid colors ,my art piece "Kaleidoscopic" ,will add personality
to your room while challenging the viewers anytime
they enter the room. Enjoy!