Sunday, March 9, 2014

"Gavlan....a lady fetching water"....Acrylic painting by Manisha Vedpathak

"Gavlan...a lady fetching water"
Acrylic on canvas,35"x35"
I totally enjoyed this painting. Though it was rather
difficult for me to have control on my palette. As you
all must have noticed I always create colorful paintings.
Even if I decide not to add too many colors ,I always
end up in a colorful painting . May be my paintings reflect
my life which is colorful. Perhaps because of this I chose
these water fetchers from India as my subject. Their
Ghagra and chunri are always  so colorful . But here I tried
 to use mainly shades of orange to paint them or you can say
 that was my intention but as I am accustomed to using many colors,
 little black, white and green just crept in. Gavlan is a Marathi word
for lady fetching water.
 Here is a quote about 0range color that I read sometime back.....
“[Orange] is one of God's favorite colors--- He stuck it right there
 between red and yellow as the second color in the rainbow.
  He decorates entire forests with shades of orange every autumn.
It shows up in sunrises at the start of the day, sunsets at the
 end of the day, and in the glow of the moon at the right time of night.”
                              ― Reggie Joiner
Hope you all enjoy this painting as much as I do. Stay blessed! 

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