Saturday, December 14, 2013

A studio of a contemporary Italian Manisha Vedpathak

This was during my Italy trip. My niece and I were
 wandering the lanes of Florence somewhere near Pitti Palace.
 We were trying to get a feel of local Italian atmosphere.
 As we were passing by I saw a painting ,in fact several
 small paintings and I stopped eagerly to see the paintings.
It was a studio of an artist and I instantly got captivated
by the contemporary look of the studio. I met the artist ,
his name was Gianni Silvestri. We couldn't understand
 eachother's language but but he tried to explain his art
and I showed him my art photos from my camera.
 It was such a wonderful feeling and experience of how
you meet some unknown people whom you can instantly
connect to.
Here is the photo of his studio and the artist with me.
Loved the way the bicycle was hung.

With artist, Gianni Silvestri
I am very much aware of a frequent visitor of my blog,
from Mountain View,California. This person literally
visits all my posts ,I don't know why? Is the person
an artist , an art critique or just an art lover?
There is also one of my blogger friends whose blog
is also frequently visited by the visitor from same place.
I would really like to know how this person connects to my blog..


  1. Parabéns Manisha!
    Congratulations and a big hug!

  2. Dear Manisha my blog too has this mysterious visitor from mountain view california . is it a real art lover or...

    1. Dear Nanda, we will come to know only if the visitor comes forward to reveal his/her identity.