Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day3.....A finished work...An abstract by Manisha Vedpathak

I always find it difficult to title an art work when
it comes to a non-representational abstract.
This type of art does not have any fixed object
to associate with reality. But I believe it can make
the viewer feel happy/sad/angry without any concrete
As I was thinking of the title , I decided to play a
 fun game. I showed my painting to my driver, watchman,
the house helps , my daughter and asked them to tell
 me what they see in my painting. And here's what
I got ....a crocodile, some faces, a world map, ghosts????
Would you like to be a part of this game? If yes, do
drop in a comment as to what you see in my painting.
And in my next post I will share my feelings when
I was creating this artwork.

To have your artwork appreciated by the viewer is a gratifying experience of having accomplished

something significant.

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