Friday, September 27, 2013

Kofi Nduro Donkor...A Ghanaian Artist

 Kofi Nduro Donkor...A very dedicated and focused artist from Accra,Ghana.I met this artist in 2012.I being a self taught artist and an expat in Ghana, he has been such a great help in my evolvement as an artist.  Always ready to share his knowledge, he has taught me a lot in art marketing. Be it where to find the canvas(ready canvases are expensive here in Ghana as they are all inported), where to get the wood, how to stretch the canvas, how to ship the artworks etc etc, he is ever ready to help. He never holds back when it comes to sharing his knowledge. Visiting his studio has always been an inspiration to me.
He has a love for nature and his African Landscapes are poetic interpretation and full of mysteries generated from rocks, trees ,waterfalls and all the things he see around his environment.
He says, his Landscapes spring spontaneously from his imagination, his subconscious.
Nduro has exhibited in both Ghana and abroad. Here is one of his paintings.

And yes ,he also generously gifted me one of his artwork.
To see more of his paintings, you can visit his facebook page


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  1. Manisha , thanks for visiting me on my blog.. I've come here to see yours and wow what an explosion of color!!
    Some of your photos at the top are not showing.. but from what I see ,, beautiful.