Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"Up-to-the-minute"......An acrylic on canvas

An acrylic on canvas,38"x38"
I couldn't stop thinking of the painting I posted
in my previous post. I kept on adding ,giving
layers to the canvas, torturing it in all possible ways.
In the process ,I went through a lot of mixed emotions,
but didn't give up until I felt satisfied and complete
about this art work.
I hope you all like it. I changed the titled as I
have now given a new look to the "spill over".I
found this one interesting which is a synonym
 for: recently changed to appear modern.
Do drop in a few lines about how you feel about
the artwork. Believe me ,its rewarding to get
feedback from others.


  1. Het lijkt mij dat je alles in kwijt kan volgens mij is dat gelukt lieve groetjes Danielle

  2. Hello Manisha,
    action painting unique and beautiful!
    Congratulations and a hug from Brazil

    1. Thank you Antonio , I always look forward for a comment from you which is very encouraging. A hug!

  3. Great work, wonderful portrait, love the website too-very easy to navigate and connect, you can tell you've been doing this for a long time-great site.


    1. Thank you Steve, glad you liked my blog,though I will making some changes very soon.

  4. Manisha, Very interesting and unique piece. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog, as it led me to yours! very exciting.