Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"Burst"...An Abstract in acrylic on canvas!!

Acrylic on canvas,24"x31"

There was a painting which I did in 2011.
My apologies for the bad quality of the photo.
( I didn't know THEN, how to photograph an artwork :) )

There was a feeling of  incompleteness in this painting,
 but always had  a hesitation to try my hand on it, out
of the  fear that original may get spoiled.I had hung this
 painting in the hall which I always do with  some paintings,
which I feel  can be improved. The  reason  is ,looking at it
everyday gives me  ideas  for the next painting or I can
 keep guessing what I can add to that painting.

 This morning, I felt a sudden urge to add some colors
to this painting and then there was a burst of colors on it
 and thus the name.
Awwww...I so love this painting now. Do you?
I have thought of two titles for this painting which are related
to the making of it:
Though I have selected BURST which one do you suggest?
Don't just leave the page after reading,I would appreciate
 if you can drop a suggestion which will make me feel
connected to you all ,the readers of my blog.

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