Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"Sellers"...An acrylic painting on canvas

This is second in the same line as the abstract in my previous post.
Here is the abstract
And here is the finished piece.
"Sellers",Acrylic on canvas,27"X61"
                                 Would love to have comments


  1. Hi Manisha, I found your work via the Art Promtivate site, yesterday I got featured myself and then had a good browse at other people's sites. I needed to say how much I love the top piece of art, and the Tangled Web which was earlier in your blog. Your work is really amazing, can be quite simple and yet really complex. Keep it up, I found you on Facebook as well :D

  2. I love these new paintings. 'Sellers' is a favorite. Whew! Great job how you worked with pattern and the subject is right there.