Saturday, March 2, 2013

An Experiment....

Acrylic on canvas,30"X39"

I experimented this on a piece of abstract I had done earlier.
Personally I have enjoyed this but I am not very sure if I have
succeded or I have spoiled the original.Here is the original.

Nevertheless an artist always learn from mistakes.
I am going to try some more such pieces. Do leave
your comments about what you think of the experimental


  1. Hello Manisha,
    combining abstraction with popular scenes was very good!
    Congratulations richness and originality.
    a hug

  2. Hello Antonio, thanks for your kind comments!!

    1. This is some extremely amazing work.

      I am a college student working on a course project on the topic "Evolution of arts in India". I have a few questions to ask that would clarify certain doubts about the process of artists and their motivation.

      As a favor, can I ask you a few questions regarding the project?

    2. Thank you Kartik! I will be glad to answer your question.

  3. Hi Manisha, I really like the addition of the musicians to your "experiment". They give some context to the painting (the background seems to be the music they are playing). Joyful music. Have a good week. Carole

  4. Lovely use of color and form -- so interesting I could look at these for hours!