Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lazy Week

This week has started with a lazy feeling. Last week was pretty good .Hosted a preValentine open house at my studio.I had showcased most of my small paintings and had a pretty good sale.

A very big Thank you to all of my near and dear friends and visitors who dropped in to appreciate my art. It feels so nice when someone even talks about your work.And feel proud especially when you see the painting adding vibrancy to the atmosphere in it's new home.Very soon I will be posting photos of some of those art lovers who bought my paintings.
One of my big paintings got sold yesterday.Here is that my favourite one.
I was planning not to paint anything this week.But I have some commissioned work to be completed, plus a new painting is waiting which I had just started.
So will probably get to painting.As for now I am a happy happy creature.


  1. Looking forward to your new painting!! All the best Manisha!

  2. Dear ismail,
    the works are beautifull!
    The mature style very pleasing and modern.
    A big hug

  3. Hello Manisha,
    excellent work - full of warmth and tropical colors.
    Reminds me a little of women from Bahia - Brazilian state has a rich folklore.
    a hug
    There was an accident here and the previous message was exchanged, sorry

    1. Hello Antonio,
      Thank you so much!! I really love these tropical colors. It just comes naturally ...I can't limit myself to a perticular pallette .
      A hug!