Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My very first landscape painting !!

I painted this landscape in oil on wood ,
 back in 1998.
That was my first attempt of landscape.The
 reference was taken from a travel book.
I did take a lot of effort to add all the details.
And I totally love this piece.Some of your
art works take a permanent place in your
 heart. When I see this painting, I still experience
 the same satisfactory feeling I got when this
piece was done.

I actually have no intentions to paint landscapes,
but whenever I see this piece,I feel like changing
my mind.


  1. write nice,
    cityscapes have that ability to draw you in
    that need to identify and question the
    location, and con-pear detail of similar
    towns and cities.

    This piece of work must have been a
    real confidence boost at the time,

    Thanks for sharing