Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mystical Bison !!

Hi friends,I am not posting very often these days
as I am a bit busy getting ready for my first
 exhibition.I am exhibiting along with a senior
Ghanaian artist.I will be posting the invitation
card and details of the exhibition very soon.

Mystical Bison,Acrylic on canvas
There is an interesting story behind this painting.
I had this panel painted black for some reason
and white color spilled on it.Now..since it was
 looking really good so I tossed the panel up and
down to allow the color to flow.In the process
 I became so thrilled that started pouring colors
 one afteranother and this is what was created.When I
 thought that it was finished ,I sat back and started
thinking on what I have created.I found a shape
in it of a bison  decided to name it Mystical
Bison.Let me know what my friends find in this.
Also do suggest some title accordingly.

This was the painting that was
commissioned for a factory back
 in 2009.


  1. the end result is interesting and beautiful...


  2. Very interesting how the colours work together. Lovely. I like the title.

  3. The bison painting is wonderful. Love the colors and the composition.